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Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage Reviews

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

Dr. Caruk will tell you what is best for you, not what you want to hear. She is honest and upfront in a caring manner. If you want to get results go see her.

– Melissa

Dr. Caruk provided me with excellent level of care and a thorough treatment plan. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time for me

– Pete

I have seen Dr. Danielle for 10 years now. I drive from Calgary at least once a month. She has helped me so much over the years. From my original complaint of chronic back pain, to headaches, to sports injuries, thank you

– Rick

After years of trying to conceive Dr. Caruk helped regulate my cycle and after 4 months we were able to get pregnant, now we have a beautiful baby girl. Thank you Dr. Caruk!

– Amy

I suffered with anxiety and depression for years. With regular acupuncture treatments I feel like I can deal with the normal day to day stresses now. Thank you

– Sheila

My husband always said I became a different person around my period – now he says I’m back to my normal self, my husband and I both thank you Dr. Danielle.

– Brenda

I have been seeing Dr. Caruk for years. I do a lot of extreme sports. She keeps my body’s aches and pains under control

– Rick

I have suffered from migraines for years, nothing worked, until I tried acupuncture. Now I book an appointment when I see the weather changing and I don’t have to hide in a dark room all day – thank you Dr. Caruk.

– Rhonda

Dr. Caruk helped me through all 3 of my pregnancies and post-partum care and successfully induced my 2nd and 3rd babies.

– Nicky

I suffered from debilitating hot flashes and night sweats, I hated life! With regular treatments, some herbs and a change in my diet I went from having 10+ drenching sweats at night to none! It was amazing! Thank you Dr. Caruk.

– Lila

Danielle helped keep me on my weight loss path.  I am 45lbs less and feeling great. Now I am seeing her for fertility.

– Nancy

Dr. Caitlin found issues that have been left without any kind of investigation or assistance by other practitioners for years. For the first time in a very long time, I feel hopeful that I will finally achieve some relief to a few long-persisting problems! – Liana M.

I have been a regular patient of Dr. Caitlin since November 2014 when I started experiencing severe Lower Back/Disc pain. My last back surgery was in 2003 and I have been very cautious. The front end staff has been exceptional every time I have been in the clinic. Dr. Caitlin has provided compassionate, professional and knowledgeable care to me. I have followed her specific recommendations and have been feeling great again! Thank you.

– Susan B.

I have been seeing Dr. Caitlin, and various massage therapists at Complete Health, since she opened her practice in Okotoks in 2013. I was 30+ weeks pregnant with my first child, whom she helped flip from breech to head down when I approached her in a stressed out state one day after an OB consult. I’m not sure how I would ever get through a pregnancy without these practitioners – nor would I ever want to!Two babies and three years later, our entire family continues to look to Dr. Caitlin and her team for so many of our needs. She has helped with baby’s gas and feeding issues, bizarre sleep patterns… she has even (almost instantly) fixed tummy bugs and consistently makes us feel like family.

The massage therapists really work to get to the bottom of whatever is ailing us, and provide a therapeutic, relaxed environment to escape from the daily parental grind. The entire team at Complete Health are wonderful and accommodating, always greet us with a genuine smile, and have never disappointed. We are so lucky to have such an incredible, family-friendly practice here in Okotoks!

– Heather H.

I was terrified of Chiropractors my whole life and never knew they could help more than just aches and pains with joints etc… My overall health and energy levels improved and I’m very happy with the care I’ve received.

– Maree O.

We love the days when we get to visit Dr. Caitlin and her amazing team!They take such good care of us! We can’t speak highly enough about the care we receive from Dr. Caitlin and how each family member has seen such improvements in their health. She is thorough, gentle, wonderful with little kids, and genuinely cares about you.

We highly recommend Complete to everyone.

– Lindsey, Andrew, Luca & Kaia

Since coming to see Dr. Chris I have felt so much better. My pain has completely gone away. But not only that. I have never slept better then I do now, I have so much more energy throughout the day and I feel much more balanced. Thank you Dr. Chris and the team at Complete Health for everything that you have done for me.

– Pam E.

I love my interactions with all the staff at Complete Health- they are always so professional. Dr. Caitlin listens and considers the whole picture of one’s life when developing a treatment plan.

– Chrissy M.

When I saw Dr. Chris, my upper back and neck function was really resistant, then given massages and chiro adjustments brought me back a step closer to where I was prior to my younger age.

Thanks Dr. Chris and all the staff for the wonderful care you gave me and will in the future, thanks again!!

– Johney J.

My children and I all see Dr. Caitlin, she is wonderful! The Complete Health team has been fantastic with scheduling appointments and all the care we have received. Thank you!

– April V.

Came in with back pain. Dr. Chris said it would probably take 6-8 weeks to heal my back, and he was spot on. Glad I decided to come in to do Chiropractic care. I am feeling much better. Thank you Dr. Chris and the staff for a wonderful experience.

– Lorne S.

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